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Thai Miss

14 February, 2014

Thai teen loves playing with herself

Bad Coed

5 February, 2014

Teacher fucks coed for ditching school

Asian Solo Babe Tess

26 January, 2014

We’ve always known Tess to be a bit on the wild and extreme side but we were surprised when this lesbian babe decided to try something totally different by ramming lit candles in her tight asian box.


17 January, 2014

Blonde Apple spreads her pink honey cave


8 January, 2014

Juicy hot Asian gal Maja playing with her big tits

Filipina Oral Massage

Pinay Oral Massage

Having travelled extensively in Asia I can tell you there are 3 massage methods that I reall love. The first is the famous Thai Soapy Massage. Preferably the hands free version where the girl uses her whole body to massage you. Then there is the “Fire and Ice” where the girl alternates with hot water and ice in her mouth. I have also heard about a variation of fire and ice done in Beijing were they use mint oil and a rectally inserted ice cube. But the top method is a good old mouth massage where the girl pistons her mouth on your penis.

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Sorry about the bum links, I’m in the Philippines and the Typhoon knocked out the internet connection for the past couple of days. It hit me mid post so I had to leave the bum links up.

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Filipino Reach Around!

Reach Around!

Today we have a preview of a brand new update coming up at Teen Filipina. Rose is cute, petite and wild and she loves to use her young body to work cock. This picture is just a warm up for a great series of pics and videos that has Rose putting her beautiful young mouth to work.

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You’re back here in Me and My Asian and our question for today is: What’s the deal with bushy twats? This is not a question meant to piss anyone who’s growing a plain on their cunts, I’m just really curious. And I think I have to rephrase the question and change it into: Why do I see hairy pussies mostly on Asian chicks? Is it some kind of a good luck charm of a sort? Has it got something to do with culture? What? If you’re fucking horny most of your waking time and do nothing but surf the net, just like yours truly, looking for worth-jacking-off-to bitches, well then you must’ve seen a whole lot of this type of chicks around. Yes, I’m specifically referring to Asians. It’s quite rare to find their pussies shaven and clean. And since you rarely see them with shaven twats, it’s equally rare finding Asian pussies sporting some shaving style like the popular Brazilian wax.

This set of pictures of our featured Asian chick will tell you what needs to be done with her own bushy territory. There’s nothing wrong with this alarming discovery and I think there are some men who actually go for hairy cunts. I just don’t get the point of having to go through the jungle, squeeze your way in, make things tough, only to take your dick out and pee. But if I were to fuck someone like this, I think I can reconsider going through the shit hole and make my pet’s journey worth while by handing it a pleasurable reward in the end. This chick’s got a pretty face but not much curves on her and I don’t give a shit, I only need what’s down there to make me and my cock satisfied. I only have to feast on these photos and visit more Asian hotties here. Be sure to check on as often as you can. We’ll make sure that you’ll end up drooling over something you weren’t used to before. Remember, when you’re fucking horny and just wanted to release some tension, any bitch with a tight cunt will do.

New Filipina Site

23 November, 2013
fhm philippine

fhm philippine

I love the Japanese schoolgirls and Japanese pussy, but when it comes to personality nothing beats a Filipina Go Go girl, they are genetically bred to please men, Filipina Go Go girls are fucking awesome. So join one of these sites today and see what I mean!

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